Monday, September 26, 2011

Start from Hatyai

Mei is start her travelling plan again
First , start from Hatyai-->KL-->Cameron Highland-->Taiping-->HK
There would be a wonderful ending of 2011

For this Hatyai trip
My purpose is just jalan-jalan cari makan & membeli-belah =)
There is my 1st meal at Hatyai
I was so curious they served Kimchi as side dish in a Japanese Restaurant ~.~"
But the food is nice in roughly

Our table full of Pinggan mangkuk Sss
and its only cost us 600++bahts
The main purpose I wanna go their Tesco
"Penang also got wat"
but there is much much cheaper !!!
SnackSss LaySss PockySss

Mei + Emo drink + Christine
with their "emo" pose

BonKhao Restaurant
Heard that quite famous
This is my 1st time visit
but due to the electric technical problem
We enjoyed our 1st candle light dinner at Hatyai

Don't u think we should go for a walk after dinner??
That's right!!!
Its time to shooping!!
Go for a walk right~~

Da Dang !!!
"Little" many
*evil smile*

After go for a walk
we go for an English tea
Actually we were quite tired after travel around for whole day
but still want to visit their pub & cafe
even though we don't know what the live band singing there

The next day
we went to thai massage in the early morn
Its damn cheap for 1.45hours thai massage its only charges 240bahts

Lunch time
The Tutu uncle brought us go try the most "HoJiak" meehun soup in town
as he recommended
Luckily he did not disappoint us

Lepak at LeeGarden & Central before leave
and found something nice in the mall
What do u called that??!!
The next weekend of Hatyai trip
--> KL

Stay tuned

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