Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So many surprise for me today!!!

everything happened without expected

very belated bday cake(no photo for display)

belated x'mas present
6 roses means--->>>

Jason Mraz's song





miss my bed so much!!

my *baobao*

my smell~~~(yeRRr)

leavin penang and head to taiwan for 1 week!!!

family trip without dad

he willing to stay at little island and go yamcha with his frenz also dowan go travel with us!!!


But really had a fun week at taiwan!!!

visited so many place

and shopping a lots!!!

just not enough time for me to shop more

next station------>>>





should be after exam

the 1st THING i need TO do now is EARN MORE MONEY


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Warmers for lunch

Lunch at Winter Warmers today

since I had already 2 weeks din date with beesuan d...

Then tmr flight to TW d

so today i must date her out!!!

trying their set lunch for the 1st time

Nice environment ..nice taste ..

*salad*sandwich*spagetti*baked cheese*focus focus focus

tam jiak beesuan

we're MIXED fruit coktail fans!!!


HI tea...after shopping for whole day

but not me shopping!!

going for 2nd times d...gasoline~~~

I order this because I want eat *JELLY*

I wanna try all the mushroom soup from anywhere!!

see which 1 more good taste..hmm

Izit the butter very cheap now??

took so many butter pulak!!

fat lo~~

I will kill u if u steal my toast!!!


zo siao^^

x'mas tree at Penang Times Square

Saturday, December 19, 2009

8 hours only!!!

I'm going to work tonight


**Live Football Event**

quite tired ler..5pm til 1am

Somemore so far from my house...

reach til home also 2am d i think...


8 HOURS only!!!

*ren* in chinese

I want earn money!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Autocity_Ice-ice baby

Ice-ice baby...

cz of U...we drive from penang to auto city


Suddenly gt form wanna eat ice-ice baby!!!

2 siao lang run til auto city to having our dinner~~~swt~~~

that what am I ordered

*curry fish baked rice*
Our food

Nice focus

Kia kia after dinner...

---->>>Night Market

Feel nothing when i saw a lots of clothes!!!

Not interested of the thing...

Maybe wanna save for next week


I will be very crazy of shopping at there!!!

song X 99999999999

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my Tuesday

I pass my tuesday at *BED*

sit for whole day..

pps for whole day...

finish all my movie...haha...

still thinking how to pass my wed...


sien dao!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Volleyball player!!!!GO GO GO

Volleyball~~~*MAN SUI*

Gathering before they going to kl!!!

Inter Campus....we r coming!!!!

We ready to get the champion!!!


I'm not going with them....haiz...

but my heart is be with them...

a lots of memories about last year inter campus!!!

Dinner at red box ~~

a lots of singer here!!!


ah NEH*another 歌神*
Finally they sing d...

loon & hong

The best show on that night


volleyball girls team!!!

add oils add oils

Ladies and Gentlement!!

Dancing class start from now!!!

song-Sorry Sorry
Super Junior

Penang Super Junior!!!


Last song on that night!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Warmers~~wee

Finished 3 days work...

Finally can relax d...

earned extra rm20 commission yesterday...

I want spend it by today....

LET's Go hi tea~~~

going Winter Warmers hi tea with kelvin & zhenhui today..

Mixed fruit coktail

they said the only nice drink of Winter Warmers

& Secret Recipes's cake for tea time~~~

& Sega's Ham + Cheese Bread

kelvin eating his breakfast and lunch_bread

Sit at there about few hours

day become night..

This is my monday...pass adi

Really very boring my life...

I want work...for road show...event...any fair....

pls intro me !!!!


Monday, December 7, 2009

korean palace for my 20th BDAY

Finally I have a chance to try KOREAN food d...

But actually I more like JAPANESE food~~lalalala

Os : Never try never know...

So we choose to try it when celebrate my bday

I love the bbq

I love the steamboat

But the kimchi ~~~I think not suitable for me

Maybe I like the food hot 1...dislike cold 1

Food must hot is more nice...same theory with my mum...hehe

I had enjoyed the dinner with family at KOREAN PALACE last sunday

I think I will go for second time if there still have discount!!!


dad & ah ming kor

their service very nice..

kak bbq for we!!

This called SERVICE TAX!!!!

Busy to eat!!

Just me so free to take photo

Finally we clear all the food!!!

We were just ordered a small steamboat

3 plates of BBq meat & Octopus


These were made we VERY VERY FULL already!!!

Thx for my dad to treat this meal

& felt luckily he and mum didn't scold me cz of I bought a not so cheap present for myself!!!hehe

Next bday is my sis d..

should be take Indian food for her bday d!!!haha