Monday, August 31, 2009

happy 20tH bday_BeesuaN

a small celebration wif beesuan~~

cz some of ji mui cant attend it...

sorry n we promise will celebrate wif u when juiHoon come bek..

A big BIG party!!!

happY birthday Yea~~~

having dinner wif beesuaN & Lin at JEMPUTREE

Special Rite??? *Rainbow Tree*

ABC Ice-blended*

i like claMMm~~~

another favourite_ tomyaMMM

CREPE cOTTage****

yifaNG is working...

tat y she cant celebrate wif beesuan>>


we 'r going to find her...Supprise!!

enjoy our dessert~~~ice-cream...nice & tasty!!!

bday ice-cream for beeSuan!!

straWberry & kiwi~~~wooaahh

Saturday, August 29, 2009

phone lost~!!!!fcuk


lost phone agn..

tis is the third tm adi..

the last 2 thg he left for me & necklace

i lost the one of them...

shit me!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

BiscuiT-INg & KtV-Ing

suddenly wan bake biscuiTTT...

"form" kao la~~~lolx

go but powder & koko duno wan do wat favor

then aunt prefer we do koko favor...she said its is very easy!!!

Its very easy....

powder - 250g
egg - 1
butter - 120g

then kao dim!!!!

kacau kacAU &kacaUU

become like taT!!!shit color =.="

7 or 8 min to bake it..


oUR house KTV roomm~~~


sis juz come bek from KampaRRR!!!
sinGG together

Friday, August 14, 2009


finally can gather wif ji mui d...

but is farewell wif phoebe..

she is going kl study soon...

tis saturday go kl d..

1 more leave again...

i miss juihoonnnnn~~~~~miss her sound...

she is coming bek after final exam ..

final exam faster cum...then juihoon can come bek d...

having dinner at MATSUKI

my meal....**chicken terriyaki**

its nice n RM12 OLIII

everyone a shoot with her meal>>>





HI tEAAAA TIme~~~~

**coFFee islaND**
mY favourite_Lemon tea

BeesuaN is emO-ing????

kap siaOOO & baTT gua!!!

is OUR hobby~~~~

**************Coffee iSland****************


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

momY's bday

oooWWW....sis missed it again..hehe


celebrate momY's bday!!!

i like their mushroom soup!!!

bro oso like it...

kao lat him...fat boy!!!eat double~~~


we order 3 sets of dinner
but get 4 soup n drink...

u noe y???

cz the manager is my mum frenz...

very good...

spaghetti with mushroom n tuna~~~
both oso my favor~~

terriyaki chicken!!!alway is my bro favor

Fish fillet Monte carlOOOO!!!

dessert TIME~~~

HapPY BirthdaYY to MOmYYYY*******