Saturday, January 21, 2012

Strawberry Sunday

1 day trip for Ipoh & Cameron Highland
My January full of trip/vocation !!
My February ...hmm... SShhhh
so excited of it !!

Since I'd tried Foh Shan Dim Sum before
and seriously...its doesn't really nice

Visit Ming Ge Dim Sum this time
Its just exactly opposite FohShan DimSum
and...i think the taste just OKAY for me....
Penang food is the best !!! *free advertisement for PENANG* =)

Bao face eat BakBao =P

Heading to Cameron Highland after breakfast
too bad its raining there
but our mood still
Sing Leehom's song all the way =)
my lover~~~

Finally We're here !!!

woo~~~super duper BIG strawberry~~~
twin strawberry ?!?!
This gin-na never grow up....still...

4 of us with the SOHAI cameron hat

Yogurt Strawberry
so so so so....yogurt
What I was saying?!?!lolx
Strawberry Milkshake
milky milky ~~
Fried Strawberry Ice-cream
Everyone have a high marks on this dessert !!

Strawberry waffle

Slurp slurp ~~
Yo yo yo-gurt
with Jessc babes~~
gay lou s ~~ yer~~~

U jump I jump
But Where is my "JACK" ??

*Ignore the Tong Sampah please*
WAHhhh~~~ Tea farm leh~~~
Boh Tea Farm
Super LIKE this place
very nice environment for hi tea+sandwich
That's why I'm here !!! huhu

Leopard gals + Tea farm
not match at all right??? =D

Hey rush k ?!?!
nobody will rob your sandwich !!
Strongly recommended to everyone!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shop/Short Trip

New year is COMING !!!
the first mission need to be complete before new year

Start from HK to hatyai
non-stop shopping trip
My pocket is damn pity in this month

The shopping mood never end after HK trip
In someday monday
all the jimuis decide to go hatyai in the coming weekend !!

Of cz .... i'm the first person hand up !!! hahahaha

You can bring ur gf & meet me in the hotel room ~~!!! lolx
Wungnoi Hotel
such a new hotel & clean
very comfortable to stay

a small balcony provided

38 action in the tutu VAN
*Leg up*

Hunting food section
felt abit regret on this section
cz of this
my stomach not feeling well for few days after the trip

first time try
full of surprise in the drink
I tot just a normal fruit drink
but inside....full of jelly !!!
This egg tart melt my heart !!!

Sticky rice + mango = heaven

Night section -->> Hunting clothes
Greenway market + Pasar malam = POKAI
Could u imagine that u only left 100bahts & no more Ringgit Msia?!?!?!
POOR like hell ~~~

sleeping face in the next morn
I'm ready heading to massage !!!

Here again
New Season Massage Centre

Lunch before leave
the new restaurant in LeeGarden
Free salad, soup & dessert for the lunch course

BBQ chicken + baked potato

Fish + Chip

Jelly & mousse caramel
Jiak pa pa -->> balik kampung