Sunday, April 24, 2011

Songkran *kap* 2011

There is a festival I never miss every year!!
Songkran ~~ kap kap
Actually I would be celebrate at Danok cz of the hotel at Hatyai was fully booked..
So lucky at the end could found a room at Lee Garden Hotel
and we change our destination to Hatyai !!
There is more Fun & Happening than Danok !!

Since we reach there quite early..
and the peoples just start to preparing for WATER WAR later..
we heading to Big Pasar "SAPU" some stuff..

Flower flower shirt!!
The thing must buy at Hatyai
but i choose to buy Flower flower pants !! hehe

Snack SSsss .... kap....After back to hotel!!
My uncle is more excited than me!!
invite me to go WATER WAR immediately !!

just walk out from the hotel along the road !!
SEE !! What happened on me??!!

Cough like hell !!
take some hot dessert..
one of famous dessert at there..

continue get attack from peoples!! too bad!!

hide myself from the war and walk into the plaza!!
and...try the KFC's egg tart !!
I miss it so much since I tried before at HK !!

Boxing !!
The person those lose will fall into the water !!
I wish to try...but I scared of "siam po" bully me!!
Kap...Give me some courage to fight with her pls!!!
then I will meet them next year!!hehe

The baptism of the buddha ... kap...looks so funny when u saw their face...
closed up summore!!

The last day of Songkran!!
WATER WAR ...kap...

The most famous restaurant at Hatyai !?!?
U think so??
Its quite many ppl
the food is not bad
but its so EXPENSIVE !!

Day ended ..
Songkran ended ..
Kap ..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Its was so great to heard that James Blunt's new album released... actually was in last year...but i just found that..
"Some kind of trouble"
and I super like "Best laid plans" ... Another legend song after "You're beautiful"... i think !?!? =)
His lives performance is damn well !!!
The song for you all...enjoy it!!

Other than "Best laid plans"..there is a another relax song
"Stay the Night" was first written after Blunt stated he was "tired of writing self-pitying songs".

share out if u really like... =)

Mr.Yeoh's day

What is the meaning of the day on 11April??
Its my lovely fren Mr.Yeoh's bday!!
....and he hire me as his bday party organizer ...
hmm..its made me headache for the plan of that day...
At the end we plan to having a dinner with him @ E&O hotel
second round to be continue @ SOJU club
Its our first time been there..
and the band is so amazing~~
but too bad i was sick... =(
so get back to home quite early...

Happy bday HUIhui
I knew he would be very shy i called him like that...

Delicous food & desert~~Oyster sumore~~

That's we are~~
@ SOJU clubEnjoy the band performance...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fly --> Sg

A farewell partay with Liwei b4 she fly to SG few weeks ago
sorry for late post

Now she has been over there
and finally found a job
hope everything going smooth there ~~
All the best ya!!

Wei & buddies
King of KTV

Find success, find new friends and don’t lose the old ones
since the old friends are like old wine – the older, the better!

Good Bye & Have a Great Life Ahead

Friday, April 1, 2011

Danok 12Hours

Tik Tok Tik Tok
Time over a minute by minute...
There are only 12hours short trip at Danok !!

After 3days work at Alor Setar
All of us ready our passport and then..
off to Immigration Thailand check in !!

Walk through the Danok town
Karaoke.. Massage.. Club..
eat non-stop along the way
but its only cost we 200-300bucks per person !! Damn cheap !!

Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)

healthy salad is traditionally made
looks like "kalabu"

Promote promote~~
SUPER DUPER like the "Coconut milk mango with sticky rice"
They are the favourite choices as dessert during the peak of the mango season in the summer.

Found a Restaurant accidently
and had a late late dinner there..
wondering it is a "BLACK" restaurant?? lolx
but the bill told us we're wrong !!
Its only cost 600bucks for all of that !!
Fish.. Tomyam Seafood.. Vege.. Side course.. Oyster..

Met an elephant baby in a half way
and bought some canes for feeding..

Last station in the next day morning @ 7eleven
"Sapu" some special snack & drink for souvenir!!

BYE =)

Checked-in Immigration Msia...