Sunday, April 24, 2011

Songkran *kap* 2011

There is a festival I never miss every year!!
Songkran ~~ kap kap
Actually I would be celebrate at Danok cz of the hotel at Hatyai was fully booked..
So lucky at the end could found a room at Lee Garden Hotel
and we change our destination to Hatyai !!
There is more Fun & Happening than Danok !!

Since we reach there quite early..
and the peoples just start to preparing for WATER WAR later..
we heading to Big Pasar "SAPU" some stuff..

Flower flower shirt!!
The thing must buy at Hatyai
but i choose to buy Flower flower pants !! hehe

Snack SSsss .... kap....After back to hotel!!
My uncle is more excited than me!!
invite me to go WATER WAR immediately !!

just walk out from the hotel along the road !!
SEE !! What happened on me??!!

Cough like hell !!
take some hot dessert..
one of famous dessert at there..

continue get attack from peoples!! too bad!!

hide myself from the war and walk into the plaza!!
and...try the KFC's egg tart !!
I miss it so much since I tried before at HK !!

Boxing !!
The person those lose will fall into the water !!
I wish to try...but I scared of "siam po" bully me!!
Kap...Give me some courage to fight with her pls!!!
then I will meet them next year!!hehe

The baptism of the buddha ... kap...looks so funny when u saw their face...
closed up summore!!

The last day of Songkran!!
WATER WAR ...kap...

The most famous restaurant at Hatyai !?!?
U think so??
Its quite many ppl
the food is not bad
but its so EXPENSIVE !!

Day ended ..
Songkran ended ..
Kap ..

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