Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jalan jalan...Cari MAKAN

Recently eat so many...kao lat..

i scare fat...

remain 41-42kg is better..


having lunch wif lyn n her family after her graduation ceremony

ma po tauhu!!!spicy~~~
black pepper spaghetti
tat really nice taste...


my saturday nite dinner..

ntg special there...

but can sing there..hehe...

chicken chop...somemore mushroom soup..

woo...dessert...{{baskin robbins}}


a lots of memories there...

my favourite...LAKSA

n i miss their kiam sui di

1st tm eat bak kut teh at shopping centre

mostly eat at stall 1..

never try b4...

but not bad la...

quite hv many choices


PLEASE...dont ask me eat d...

i dowan become fatty!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

ConvO cOnvo

Finally...2 years passed...

finish our diploma course..

stil rmb we 4 together study for 2 years d...

but juz left lin graduate oli..haha...

so sad...

but nvm..see u all next year...i will be back!!!

the only 1 boy classmate graduate on my class...kean ming

my another dear...yun yun

kai ming...basketbal captain

steVen..my volleybal team captain

yi wen..me..bsuan..kasturi..nisa

lyn..me..wen..fen fen


Sunday, June 28, 2009

WEn's belated Bday

Belated Bday...Wen...

having a nice dinner wif all ji mui..

crap agn...but i dunno how to eat...

so sad..

yun is came bek for convo..

tat y we hv to gather for tis ful 3 days...

congra..yun n lin

Beesuan!!!finally can take off day from her mom

second Round!!!


long tm din sing d...

i miss RED BOX

cake bought from coffee bean at last min

wen is say thx to supporter!!!lolx


Lim aHHH!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

FathEr's Day PART 2

Prepare jelly in the morning!!!


manGo Kiwi

Kfc..yang yang he wo yi

boon Sing curry..boonsing chao mee hun

tat a phone for ah gong ..father's day


for dad

sis buy some cupcake for every daddy
they like my rose much
dad juz bek from johor...
our last min father's day

Thursday, June 25, 2009

FaTher's day PART 1

Having our father's day dinner at butterworth {{Batu KaWan}}

STeamboat!!!YUm Yum

izit u lao chui nua d??

my favourite!!TOMYAM~~~

tis my da jiu

Tat the present prepare for da jiu***