Thursday, October 29, 2009

<>Road show

Will start my road show part time job from tmr...

Hope that every week have road show or any event for me...



I think will very tired for these few days...

Still planing my *HALLOWEEN nite*...hehe

Its my brother's bday too!!!

Japanese dinner with family...woo~~

and have a surprise bday cake for him!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I was told my boss i will stop my work on next end of month!!!

I dunno whether right or wrong...

I'm already decided!!!

Dec I will hardworking to run fair & road show..

hope have job for me la...

fight for taiwan!!!

& my DSLR!!

my b'day present for myself!!!

I can make it!!



Thursday, October 22, 2009

haPPy bdaY to........

happy bday to SIFU laaaaa~~~

cup cake for him!!!

he was came back on last week...

but juz for few days...

he juz come back having dinner wif his family to celebrate his 21st bday

so sweet~~~

and all dongZ din come back too...

kelvin them go kl find dongZ...

left me here

they enjoy there!!!

having a lunch b4 he going back to KL

*FISH market*

*mushroom soup*

not really nice...i love *mizi bistro* mushroom soup more


the meal there really nice...

the fish is fresh!!!

I never eat fish & chip at other western restaurant

except *FISH MARKET*

This is mine

I'm wasted food!!!

haha...really very full d

cant eat already!!

somemore scare fat!!! *laugh

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HAPPY 21st B'DAY TO SIFU^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What should I do now???!!

looking for new job???

or continue??

I dunno!!!

According to law...annual leave provide for those work after 1 year !!

i just working for 5 months oli!!!

But i wan go TAIWAN!!!

End of dec til jan...

that is the period the most company year ending!!

i scare boss dont approve for me ler!!!

Taiwan...I sure must go 1~~~

job...find another lo....

ok kut???!!!


headache X 99999999999

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


my phone become *diamond phone*

phone lost...but can buy a new phone..hehe

a bit bankrupt d!!!

stil need save for taiwan bday party!!!

Totally no idea for my bday!!!

thx q...sis!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crazy on THAT^^

Recently really crazy on *SHIN RAMYUN*

Really very very super NICE

But quite spicy

Luckily I always train myself to eat spicy by eat TOMYAM..CURRY..

The mee is very QqqQ

must try it!!


A little bit expensive than MAGGI or CINTAN...

But its worth k!!!

trust me

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dinner wif FAmily

saturday nitez having dinner at jemputree!!!

dad & mom them didn't bek butterworth mer...

force dad bring we all go out eat!!!keke...

he always ready to posing & ask me take photo for him...really very "zi lian"

mom with rainbowt smoothie & hot lemon tea

Yee mEE!!!not tat hong kong artist ya
standard 1...always is spaghetti!!!

my favourite_rainbow tree!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

BO pass BO pass!!!!



damn damn moody~~~~

i wan eat!!!!

but on diet....hmmMmm

will take my last 2 papers on tis sem again!!!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

MID_autumn Festival

having my mid autumn dinner at batu kawan....

woo...steamboat again o!!!

we keep eat & forget to take photo

u all missed it le!!!

i like mooncake....but is jelly mooncake!!!


my *teng lang

actually children dont like to play *teng lang 1...

its cz they like play fire!!! too when im small...


tell u all a really look like this when im small!!!


i din lie U

cubi ba??

qi & ahming ko

secret * daY~~

miss these cake a lots~~~

faster faster!!!!

i want take order d!!!!

im busy of take photo!!!hehe...!!

joan_new york cheese~~

ah ming ko_choc strawberry



bro yann_ choc banana

i like the bottle...i take it home to collect

meet joan^^^long tm no c d...

but the time quite rush!!!

not enuf time to let we gossip~~


r u hungry izit???bro

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mcd DAY~~~

morning breakfast!!!


noon 595

siao ki.....

keep mcd -ing!!!!


i swear~~~~

no more mcd again & again!!!!!

eat til the table like TONG SAMPAH
ah ming ko favourite^^sundae cone^^