Sunday, May 31, 2009


last few days to enjoy my holiday le..haiz

so decided to go swimming on friday..

haha...quite siok ler...

long tm din swim adi..

a bit scare its really very deep...



yeaH pose!!

we r tired after swim few rounds...its tm to relax...

thats is......taking photo!!!lolx


After tat..i think i hv no chance to go there swim agn...

cz gt to work soon...

hmm...add oils...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

PulaU AMAN~~jiang jiang~~

went to pulau AMAN last week...

kampung life ..hehe

its a nice place...

nice view rite??

taking bro yann n sis

see!!sweet smiling~~

my lover 2nd dad

mee UDANG!!! RM6 per plate
but really hv many prown
mei sis mom

mom ...r u hungry izit??

mei n didi

my 2nd mom n dad^^love

if u wan go..take boat at batukawan..

juz rm6 per person..

and its very cheap to eat seafood there..

enjoy ya..

Friday, May 29, 2009

F.M 113.0

Welcome to Mei FM

i'm mei

19years old

tis pic i took last week at PULAU AMAN

ate so many seafood...wulao...

if wan view more pic ...facebook ya.. me there...

thx ..