Saturday, September 1, 2012

Single Ladies Night

 What a last minutes plan for those single ladies !!
SingK at Neway on midnight session with those 38/horny/siao PO !!! =DDD 
At the end is the youngest auntie "Netnet" fall asleep in the room !!!! Can't imagine that =.="
The Older The "Vigorous"

 Imin promoting << Love Code Production>> <3 br="br">
 Hungry ghosts !!
Eat so much !!
 Meimei & Netnet
with JunJun
 The most pattern No.1

The most concentrated on her singing

Monday, August 13, 2012


I know I'm Outdated >.<"
Actually it's quite a period I had downloaded this apps on my iPhone
But I never start to following people
So now
Just follow me !!
I'll follow yours as well (if i know you) =P
Find me through your facebook friend list

Best Regards
Mei Pierce 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mummy's day @ ♥Love Bites

 Who's birthday??
Its my Lovely Mummy !!
Glad that some other family members attended for the celebration dinner
 @ Love Bites Fusion Restaurant
 Strongly recommended  "House Potato Salad"

love decor of the rICE ♥
so sweet~~

French Vanilla Mille Crepe from Humble Beginnings
Specially pre-order for mummy !!
And its really nICE ♥♥

Where are you SISTER ?!?! lolx
Too bad you are not in M'sia
Anyway , its so sweet to received your call from SG♥ 

♥ Happy Birthday to Mummy ♥

Monday, May 21, 2012



Monday, February 27, 2012

Dragon Year 2012

In the beginning of the Dragon Year 2012
gathering with jimui ssss
As usual every year steamboat dinner @ Yifang's house
and her mum is always so nice to welcome us
sumo prepared a lot of food for us.

Thanks Aunty !!! U're so nice !!!
This gal is just waiting for eat !!!
Didn't help to prepare anything !!!
still laughing at there !!!

Trying to filter the pic ...hehe
deleted all the ugly pic =(
p/s: I'm just interested on ur ugly pic mah ~~~
China doll get catched !!!
call the police !!!

Keep the memories forever !!
like this instant photo !!!

To be continue...part 2

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Strawberry Sunday

1 day trip for Ipoh & Cameron Highland
My January full of trip/vocation !!
My February ...hmm... SShhhh
so excited of it !!

Since I'd tried Foh Shan Dim Sum before
and seriously...its doesn't really nice

Visit Ming Ge Dim Sum this time
Its just exactly opposite FohShan DimSum
and...i think the taste just OKAY for me....
Penang food is the best !!! *free advertisement for PENANG* =)

Bao face eat BakBao =P

Heading to Cameron Highland after breakfast
too bad its raining there
but our mood still
Sing Leehom's song all the way =)
my lover~~~

Finally We're here !!!

woo~~~super duper BIG strawberry~~~
twin strawberry ?!?!
This gin-na never grow up....still...

4 of us with the SOHAI cameron hat

Yogurt Strawberry
so so so so....yogurt
What I was saying?!?!lolx
Strawberry Milkshake
milky milky ~~
Fried Strawberry Ice-cream
Everyone have a high marks on this dessert !!

Strawberry waffle

Slurp slurp ~~
Yo yo yo-gurt
with Jessc babes~~
gay lou s ~~ yer~~~

U jump I jump
But Where is my "JACK" ??

*Ignore the Tong Sampah please*
WAHhhh~~~ Tea farm leh~~~
Boh Tea Farm
Super LIKE this place
very nice environment for hi tea+sandwich
That's why I'm here !!! huhu

Leopard gals + Tea farm
not match at all right??? =D

Hey rush k ?!?!
nobody will rob your sandwich !!
Strongly recommended to everyone!!