Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roti Bakar @ Times Square

I was went to Times Square having my breakfast on last saturday..

never try their breakfast *egg + bread* before

everytime go new street there..

try another new place..


Kopi O

Kaya Butter

Double egg

that was more large size compare with other

Very Very full

The price is reasonable too

RM5.20 per set

*2 of eggs*bread(double)*Coffee/Tea

maybe u can have a try there!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Finally...i gonna go watch 2012 d...

waiting for long time d...

always fully booking...

and my bro keep asking me bring him go watch...

You see!!!

he smile so happy!!

that was the second time he watch movie at cinema!!

Try the new thing...


basement of gurney plaza..

you gonna go try it if u still haven try

Choc banana

nice nice

I take my crispy go in cinema with hide on my bag!!

ahha...enjoy it when watch movie...



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

caReer event

Suddenly received the call from kent last saturday night...

ask me work for sunday..

The first time i felt that very meaningful of the job...

Actually that was nothing to do...just play with children

and all the income is for charity

my friend kent and samuel be crowd there...very cute

and they are so funny ..

keep calling little boy and little girl uncle anty!!!

samuel was a short crowd therefore kent was a tall crowd!!ahha

looks warm when you see the parent complete their painting together with their children

even that was just a simple thing

me & samuel

nice posing of him

ah boy eat ice cream eat till whole mouth!!lolx

thay why i took this photo!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

SUN_set bistro

Went to sunset bistro last saturday night...

thought that can rest on that night

because working whole day

but sim gatal gatal...want go out..heheh

follow andrew them go sunset lim ......coconut !!!


Prepare card for ourselves

RM5 per pack!!!

very very expensive@@@

CHo dai DI~~~i have 3 DI~~~

didn't means i will win

at the end i lose the game!!ghai

monkey turn~~monkey guan...he always lose 1

monkey face...

kimhu lose in last game!!!

we force him to act UGLY FACE for me take photo!!!

really ugly!!!

yehuey dream motor~~~


those who wan chase her...

should be know what to do la!!!

NON-stop work

Finally finish !!!

Finally i can rest!!!

non stop working for this 2 weeks!!!

But meaningful for these 2 weeks...

learn a lots thing..

I think will be rest for this coming week...

& start to plan for my 20th bday >>30112009

will Buy a present for myself!!!

waiting waiting for the day coming~~~

Monday, November 2, 2009


Finally finished my 3 days SAMSUNG road show!!!

I was very tired for these 3days...

but its quite enjoy this job!!!

Somemore can watch movie....for few times!!

for me...LED was too expensive ler...55'' RM15k leh

How many thing i can buy d!!!

15k>>Travel...for few years

The biggest size of LED*55inch*

But the Quality really very very GOOD!!!

U will feel relax when u enjoy the movie...