Sunday, October 25, 2015

Give your hair a second "LIFE"

Today I am here to talk about a new line from Kerastase called, Resistance Therapiste which i had tried last weekend at Theatre Hair Dressing Queensbay Branch . There are four products in the line: Bain Therapiste(Shampoo), Soin Premier Therapiste(Conditioner), Masque Therapiste(Treatment Mask), and Dounle Serum Therapiste.

The combination of special Fibra-KAP technology and the precious sap of Myrothamnus Flabellifolia able to nourish the hair from the inside, helps rebuild keratin and protects the hair against external damage. The conditioner is meant to be used before shampoo, it is a pre-shampoo treatment that offers extra protection for the severely damaged fine hair . Apply to wet hair, leave it in for 1 to 2 minutes and then wash your hair .

The shampoo has a semi-solid jellified texture to envelop the fiber during the  washing and reduce frictions. Simply apply to wet hair, massage and rinse off . It makes my hair silky and smells divine.

Let's goes for next dual serum treatment which is combines an oily and a creamy texture to instantly heal and seal ends, on both fine and thick hair. 

That will not only help make the hair less frazzled looking and feeling, it also provides extra protection against temperatures of up to 230°C .

Applying the Masque Therapiste after serum was the last step for whole treatment, it contain rich formula that will softness and moisturizing your hair .

 Leave/Steam it on for only 5 to 10mins for a stronger repairing action , then final rinse with cold water . You can use shower cap to replace hair steamer if you apply yourself at home .

I am very impressed with the new Kerastase Resistance Therapiste line. Actually I don't have much crazy frizz but this mask would be perfect if you bleach or color your hair regularly.

The hair fiber is instantly and deeply repaired , regains its strength and elasticity and revitalized with a "new hair" feel . Thanks again to the team members of Theatre Hair Dressing Queensbay Sally , Arron, Lebron , Simon & Ron .

Do not hesitate to make a call to 04-6426728 for more information or appointment !

Sunday, August 2, 2015

是什么面膜让我这么爱 ? 来看看吧 !

相信大家对这个产品不会很陌生,毕竟这已经出产两年了,曾经轰动台湾香港美容界的 éPure Membranous Jelly Masque 水凝彈性冰晶膜 !!

近期透过朋友介绍这极度保湿的JellyMask来改善我那干燥又毛孔粗大的肌肤 =)

由美國医学美容医生 Dr. Yulong Moy 首创的独特配方 ACF 活性細胞因子所研发而制成, 玻尿酸三重保濕因子及多種植物精華,可以補充水份達30-50% , 更能讓皮膚毛孔完全吸收珍貴的養份,同時瞬間排出毛孔裡的雜質例如黑頭。它也能抑制黑色素合成進而淺化斑點,解決色素不均的問題,讓肌膚淨白無暇,水嫩緊緻有活力。


一盒有三包JELLY MASK,還有一支膠棒是直接用来刮JELLY MASK出来平均涂在脸上,打開就會看到擬似是果凍,QQ的,卻有點黏的Feel,就不會輕易从脸上滑落,当然我有跟着包裝上說明要塗上至少0.3-0.5厘米才能發揮最佳功效的,记得敷之前建議用化妝水打底,及塗上精華液,可以令精華更吸收,發揮面膜最大功效哦。(这也是其他使用者教的)

在等的 30-40 分鐘里,我都会看一些短剧打发时间,渐渐你会感覺皮膚就是在狂吸精華,慢慢变成了干膜 (形容得怪怪的) 。网上也有教要用膠棒輕輕刮掉冰晶膜后才用清水把肌膚上剩下的冰晶膜洗清洁 ,这样轻松得多,不然是很难洗得掉的。


一般敷完皮膚更會有舒緩的感覺,心情轻松了很多。已经介绍了几个朋友一起体验这一级棒的水凝彈性冰晶膜 ,很开心大家都很喜欢。想要订购的朋友可以在我的Facebook咨询,有特别价哦 !

特别建议油性肌肤一星期用 3-4 次,乾性肌肤一星期用 2-3 次。

Sunday, July 19, 2015


什么是Airbnb ?

Airbnb 是一個提供民宿网站,全世界的房东都会把空出来的房放上网站,提供住宿給全世界的旅客,近几年旅客们都比较喜欢體驗當地的文化和生活,所以住飯店不如住民宿,假裝過一下當地人的日常生活。

這次的東京之旅原本想住酒店,可是东京的酒店实在不便宜,两个人的房间平均都要马币300以上,当然不同地区又不同价钱。当我发现了Airbnb这个网站,才知道原来还有这么多选择,而且大部分都是很有特色的日本套房民宿,还有廚房可以烹飪,水準不输酒店且价钱比酒店便宜。如果你只需要一个房间,你也可以寻找一些只是分租自己的空房間給旅客的房东,就有機會与他們一起相处一起生活 ,也可趁机了解當地人的文化,這也不失為一個很好的方式!


不要怀疑!以下照片就是我的东京之旅超值得套房民宿 Sogi House ,八天的住宿只需要大概马币2100还包括清洁费,套房里的一切设施都可使用。


这台电视机陪伴了我们每晚宵夜的时刻,才发现日本有好多好多好看的卡通哦!搞到我每晚都追着看 =P


不过,最最最重要又很开心的是房东还提供 Pocket Wifi !要知道,在日本要购买网络sim card或租Pocket wifi 都不便宜,这样又省一笔了!

再来,房东通常也不介意分享給你一點生活中的小资源例如洗发精,沐浴乳,吹風机,諸如此类,對旅客來說真的在生活层面方便不少 !


不过,个人建议一定一定要看Airbnb房东评价!! 有些房間照片看起來很好,但实际住進去並不是那麼回事,所以一定要看評价,除非他是新的,不然我應該不會選那些没有评价的,如果你看到大部份都給好评,那应该就是好房间和好房东,話不多說,就赶快訂下來吧! 光是Airbnb上面的房間展示,就已足夠让愛旅行的人愛上這個网站,尤其是喜欢自由行的旅客,請您們一定要試試Airbnb這种新的住宿方式,我真心的觉得比去住酒店好多了,但請注意有些房間不接受短期住宿,例如一晚或兩晚,另外房客也要累积很多优良的评价,也给下一家房东好印象,原因是有些超熱門的住宿房东还会挑客人喔!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Babyfoot Exfoliating Foot Peel Review

Do you have dry, cracked, rough or foot odour? I had the chance to try out Baby Foot which promises to soften your soles and take your feet back to their baby smooth beginnings . Baby Foot is an exfoliating foot peel that is wildly popular in Japan. Did you know that some of us can have up to 80 layers of accumulated dead skin on our feet? Regular pedicures will not be able to guarantee that the dead skin layers are effectively removed.

This product contains 17 different natural extracts, mainly fruit acids that target dead skin cells.

Each box contains a one-time-use gel pack and 3 packs of lotion. First, place foot in the provided plastic pack. Secure the opening with tape and place socks over gel packs for one hour. This allows your skin to absorb the gel. If you really want to enhance the results, wear some regular socks on top of the sock packs.

You won't see a difference in the first 2 to 4 days as many other reviews I've read claim that you will not see any changes until the fourth or fifth day after the peel. I did notice my feet feeling a little dry and rubbery immediately after the first few treatments though. Here are the progress throughout the next few days.

Day 2 :

Day 3:

Day 4:

Starting around day 5 after your treatment, your dead skin will begin to peel away from your feet and it will continue on its own until the dead skin on your feet sheds itself off. I look forward to seeing what would happen tomorrow.

Day 6: Baby Foot’s advised users not to peel the dead skin off your feet but I can tell you that it’s very tempting.

Day 7:

Day 8 & 9 

I wasn't photographing my progress on day 8 & 9 due to the peeling process really look disgusting.

Day 10:
I could feel the skin peeling off my feet had really slowed down . My feet were softer and I was pretty happy with the results.  I took the below photos without lotion or moisturiser. My feet have stayed soft and pink! I would definitely use this again if my feet returned to their dry state again.

Do not forget to apply lotion after the peeling has been completed.

This product is not recommended for who are diabetic, pregnant or nursing, and anyone have open sores or other foot injuries. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Restaurant Markus - A modern Italian cuisine experience

I was ecstatic to be part of the team of Big Cartel ambassadors that had the honor to be hosted by Markus Restaurant a few weekends ago. For those that did not know yet Markus is an Italian semi- fine-dining located at Cantonment Road, Penang.

And so you have this bunch of giggly girls ready to be wined and dined. It would not be complete though, without first gratuitous amount of selfie and wefie =)

Our lunch began with bread with olive oil and vinegar and a serving of Pumpkin Soup to get our appetites started.

It is quickly followed by half a dozen of French and Irish oysters, freshly imported every 15th of the month. Any fan of oysters would smiling from ear to ear with this sumptuous offering, but please do make an advanced reservation to avoid disappointment.

A second appetizer, Prosciutto Di Parma Con Melone Cold Cuts (Parma Ham & Melon) arrived at our table next. 

An interesting combination, don’t you think? Fresh and chilled appetizer especially good in the summer as the cold melon will help cool you off!

Cold Angel Hair with Lumpfish Caviar & Scallops
The angel hair pasta placed on an elegant minimalist white plate. Carefully garnished with pieces of scallops and lumpfish caviar on top, it was a delight as the slightly starchy pasta was nicely paired with the salty caviar. The dish was made complete with slices of succulent Hokkaido scallops. 

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Con Matre E Bottarge
Spaghetti in Olive Oil , garlic, chili flakes with Seasonal Seafood

Linguine al Grachio
Linguine with Fresh Crab Meat, Tomato & Basil in Vodka Sauce
The Linguine al Grachio is peppered with large chunks of crab meat and this is probably one of my favourite dishes. I would highly recommend anyone to try this dish even if only for the near perfect blend of crustacean and tomatoes.

Risotto Al Funghi
Classic Risotto with Onion & Wild Mushroom
(The dish was designed specially for vegetarian )
Don't be fooled by the plain and rather unimpressive looks of the next dish. Though it may look fit only for a peasant, the taste is actually something even a monarch will give up a castle or two for. The blend of mushroom and other ingredients gives off a very strong and pungent taste that dances in your mouth with abandon.

At this moment, I'm starting to feel rather stuffed and to my surprise a further 3 main courses were quickly placed in front of us. Time to dig deep and dig in.
Salti in Bocca Alla Romana
Pork Tanderloin with Sage & Parma Ham in Wild Mushroom Red Wine Sauce

Crosta Olive Di Merluzzo
Cod Fish with Brocolli Sauce, Fresh Clams in white wine

Beef Tagliata ‘ Con Salsa Di Funghi
First Grade Australian Black Angus Beef Tenderloin in sliced served with 
Mushroom red wine sauce & Roasted Baby Potatoes 
The above comes with my unreserved endorsement especially if you're fan of steak. When cooked rare, it is juicy, tender and most of all retains all the flavors that any self respecting steak should aspire to be. 

By now the bulge that was once my tummy is apparent. What's next? A girl's favourite part of the dinner, that's what.

Zabaione Al Marsala Wine E Frutti Di Bosco
Fresh Mix Berries with Marsala Wine Sabayon with a scoop of Summer Berry 
Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream
Affogato Al Caffe Con Gelato Vaniglia E Frangelico
A scoop of Vanilla Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Served with Italian Hazelnut Liqueur 
& Espresso Coffee & Tiramisu 

Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream 
A trio of pleasingly comforting desserts to call for an end to this glorious lunch. By now the glutton in me is already waving the white flag, so we headed off to more picture taking!

A big thanks goes to Chef Markus for hosting us and regaling us with such an amazing spread.

Address : 37 F , Cantonment Road, 10250, Pulau Tikus , Penang.
Business Hours :  12pm-2.30pm , 6pm-10pm. Closed on Tuesdays.
Contact Number : 604-2261443