Wednesday, July 29, 2009

off DAY oFF day

finally can meet my ji mui d...

beesuan off day mer...

and she start to work on friday d...

no need go her mum stall help d...

hehe.. if i wan out oso gt ppl acc me le...

very GOOD

we go queenbay kia thg for mum...

buy magazine...*CHOC*

the nite is stil young when on the way back hm...

then we go find yifang...she working at gurney there...*CREPE COTTAGE*

acc her working...kap siao with her...

and she introduce we try their spinach soup n mango cup...

very very nice...yammyamm

i like the crepe of mango cup..

and the 1st tm try to taste spinach..

actually is nice...i like it...

reading magazine when waiting for meal

spinach cream soup...*green colour*~~~

tis is mango cup!!!hv many mango inside!!!i'm mango queen!!!
and the crepe...i love

ji mui no.1---bEEsuan*

ji mui no.2--yifang*

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hang Kai KAi

mom din go bek butterworth tis week..

bring mom n didi go hang kai kai...

because of my bro la!!!

mom too sayang him d...say wan go out ...ask me fetch them kiakia..

but i'm enjoy it la..

passed times square when on the way..

seem like gt function there...and because of mom n bro never been there b4...

so bring them go inside c c lo..

actually nothing for times square

juz saja go down c wt the function there..

my model-LIM WEI MING

Nature ~~~

looks like very tall lo me!!!lolx

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HappY birTHday to ''GOLD FISH"

hoho~~~20years old d~~~

after half year more....i'm coming tooo!!!


i wan be 18 always!!!!lolx

went to IKAN BAKAR having dinner...beh pai beh pai

i like their SOTONG GORENG!!!

after tat gather at OXO for celebrate his bday

a special hat from OXO for bday boy!!!cute~~~

kimhu wif cute hat!!!the only special 1~~ for bday boy
**kimhu fiona**

Monday, July 20, 2009

yoW & LiP 21st bdaY


Yow's 21st bday...went to kompar having our seafood dinner!!!

recently why so many frenz bday eh???

quite pokai d...hehe

but never mind ler...

happy tiok ho!!!

happy 21st bady ya..YOw

Second round>>>>>Lip's 21st bday

Northam Hotel!!! GO GO GO

its really very nice view there!!!

i wan SPA~~~~

i wan SWIMMING~~~

i like the swimming pool~~

BUT quite dangerous lo i think...u saw it??
bubble !!!we done it!!!but cant enjoy it!!!

i love the bathroom@@@

key cake!!!designed by cassandra

yow & Lin
19June2009 00:00am

another bday boy!!soolip

yer~~~bleeding la...kena cake!!

whole nite playing mahjong there...

start siao-ing play mahjong....

but the 1st tm tm play sure need some fee 1!!!

lose few ringgit lo!!

pay fee for lin n cassandra!!! :-(

kena bully oli~~~

need tm to train then win their money!!!lolx....

Monday, July 13, 2009


went bek to tambun yesterday...

meet all my families again...


everytm go bek aunt wil alway cook HO LIAO 1

HO MIA neh!!!!

noon ntg do...go massage whole body wif mom n aunt.. word.....SONG~~~~

my backside was pain b4 tat...

i think cz of sit too much..n sit wrongly...

everyday sit at office...go bek home...sit in front pc...

sit alway...

after massage i felt tat whole body is relax...

but a bit pain yet...

sure i wil try their sauna next din bring shirt for change...

no update for recently..izit ntg for post or lazy...

hehe...i dunno..

thx for listening meifm

take care everyone

Monday, July 6, 2009

The CHOCOLATE Boutique


its beside RED GARDEN oli..

hv a look there

there hv many favourite of choc...

get some try there..n support!!!

i had taken a vanilla white coffee there...

its nice..but i not really can eat too sweet!!

tat a bit sweet for me@@@

chili choc

tis nice...strawberry white choc

actually no camera inside...

i curi curi take 1...

so juz tis few products to show u all oli...

going to steamboat~~~6pm til 830pm

eat alots n a lots

and a bad news for me...

i m fat jor~~~~

become 45kg d!!! i wan keep fit d...dont ask me for supper or wt agn!!!

warning u all!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The most 2nd Tallest in The world

a man from pakistan

he is only 26 years old

height : 256cm

weight : 58kg

walao....too thin d ler...

n he look like not so well..

stil need cum out to earn money!!!

rm10 for take photo wif him

kolian ahh!!!

god bless u!! man