Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proton 1 Msia Roadshow

Thats where we're!!
Proton Satu Msia Roadshow !!

Hotel that we stayed.. Zen Hotel
*thumb up*

Amazing dance presented by..
Proton Dance Crew !!

Presentation start...
Proton Saga FL..
Proton Inspira..
Proton Exzora..
Proton Persona..

The gals and me =)

The most nice cafe in Alor Setar
Bali-bali Hai Cafe
god bless we have a nice environment to relax after work !!

Happy working ^^

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happening in da ROOM

There is our lovely Kelvin Ng's 23th bday!!
Happy bday to UUuu~~ muackz muackz

missed the 1st round dinner at James Foo Western Food
Gonna join up the second round for sure !!
Countdown at Red Lounge
with a mini cute cake !!
sing the bday song...make a wish....blow candle...blah blah
completed all the steps
Let's start PARTY !!!

bday KING with 喇噗们

never waste any space
anytime !!

萧敬腾+费玉清 上身!!
*thumb up*

Friday, March 18, 2011

♥ Danny + Ivee ♥

A big big day for Danny and Ivee

Happy married life to you guys and wishing you all the wealth and prosperity throughout your life!!

All the Dongz frens~~

Mei and others~~
Others and others more ~~

It's your Wedding Day
So perfect and fine,
With all your friends round you
To have a good time.
And we wish you much happiness
Starting your lives as one,
Always give love to each other
With lots of laughter and fun.

♥ May God Bless You ♥
♥ Congratulations

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Babes Babes

The very first time dating with BABES~~

having our lunch at Dragon9 Restaurant which located at Belissa Row
Brand new restaurant at Penang
that serving Cantonese style of cuisine


The most interesting of this restaurant is
there are poster & crayon provided for DIY painting
So that u can draw down whatever what u wan to draw~~

DaLang !! Done !!
Happy dating with u all babes~~~