Monday, May 16, 2011

Something Borrowed

Well... my blog has been frozen for a long long while
and suddenly feel that something pop out from my mind after watch this movie
and I just wanna share out through my blog right now

So listen it everyone
"Something borrowed" is a very very nice movie
I never regret I choose to watch this movie instead of "Priest"
It's true that everything happens in our life between friendship & relationship
How to you gonna make a decision between friendship & relationship?

This is a realistic situation that people face in today's society

I have no answer
I wish that I can take both
such selfish right?
everyone wish too..don't you?

I wish that I had something borrowed to others
and the thing is YOU
YOU will always get back to me at the end

Rather than I got you now that borrowed from others
and you will leave me one day

love your girl & take good care of her

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