Tuesday, October 4, 2011

-->> Kay L

-->>Genting* dating with Uncle Lim
-->>Ikea* Long Q for meatball
-->>The Curve* Tea while looking KL lang passed by
-->>Changkat* Relax drinking session + fren's bday
-->>Pavilion* Window shopping + SnowFlake
-->>Zouk* Boom Boom shake shake

Actually not much photos from this KL trip
Just some photos took at Changkat when celebrated ma friend bday
The pub have a special name called Never mind "It's yours"
and the beers only cost 50ringgit for 3 pints

First time visit
First time drink Heineken


two bday man !!!
Yangchen & AhJu

That's all my KL trip =)
waiting for this coming Cameron highland trip =)

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