Sunday, July 17, 2011

That's called LEPU

That is a first trip I join Lepu's group!!
Krabi @ Thailand

The first thing I wanna mention about is
We all wont take van to vacation anymore!!
Especially somewhere need to take more than 4 hours !!
We took 8hours to reach there !! OMG !!
Messed up everything !!

Forget about this ..

We really enjoyed the trip~~
Aonang ,Krabi is just a small town compare with Phuket.
Maybe everyone thought that Phuket is more famous for tourism.
But I like Krabi !!
Its the most relaxing places on the planet~~~
Let's see...
What to see in Krabi??

That's all about our group photo at different krabi attractions~~

Sarung's gal @
Aonang beach~~

The most funniest thing we did at Aonang !!
Travel around the Aonang town for 30mins with 5motorcars !!
Turn on the music and "act high" ~~~lolx

The second thing we like to do~~
sit infront of 7eleven with full of beers & sausages/hams~~
That is our supper !! =D
I still can't forget what the taste of CHILI ham~~
Its really really very very spicy~~

Off to Phi Phi Island on second day
keeping apply my sunblock all the day !!hehe
But still get a tanned skin color =(
too bad ~~

Actually we were quite tired after back from snorkelling~~
But its a last night we staying there
we wont let ourselves wasting anytime anymore
after enjoyed body massage
We heading to Krabi town's night market
Its take around 20mins to reach there from Aonang

This is the most crazy thing of the trip !!
We enjoyed our last last night at bar/pub somewhere just nearby our hotel
Everyone get high till what u can see from the pics~~
p/s : pls forgive me post the pic here =P

Love U all

Looking forward for our next trip ~~~

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