Tuesday, August 29, 2017

漂发染发大改造 Hair Transformation by 【H&N Hair & Nail Bar】

It's been 7 months since my last ombre, the color of my hair is no longer vibrant and is quickly becoming drab. I decided to visit my friend - Simon who has just opened his own hair salon (congrats on the grand opening!).

Observe the BEFORE images of my hair, sickly yellow though only on the layers inside so it wasn't as obvious. A complete overhaul is needed!

Simon recommend to add highlight layers to my hair so it will look great when curled. Let's start! 

Hey, here's my new look!

Here's my favorite corner of his salon, the height of the table just right for my height allowing me to be productive on my blog while he works his magic. *There are tea and biscuits served*

See the hair after bleaching? I'm a witch now ! haha . 

The hair dye cream has been meticulously prepared and is to be applied on my hair.

Love the ear covers.

Wash after 20mins.

染发后的护发步骤不可少,Simon特地搬出了他最信任和最喜欢的一个护发品牌Trisyscore 给我做了整整五个步骤的护发动作,真的有效哦!如果你们有遇到我可以让你们看看我的发尾,有些已经漂了两次可是都没有断裂。回家后洗了两次都还可以感受到头发的柔软。
Hair care is a must after hair dye. Trisyscore is the most trusted and favorite hair care brand recommended by Simon . He gave me a complete 5-step hair care action to good result. I have bleached my hair twice and yet they felt strong, bouncy and soft.  

Wow! Notice the difference, especially the highlights.

Thanks Simon for making me look fresh on my new hair style . Looking forward for next !

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