Saturday, June 13, 2015

Soul Balance Beauty & Wellness

Its been 2 years and 8 months I disappeared from Blogspot 
I"M BACK again !!

What makes me back to blogger life
ahhh emmm ehhh
Actually I just wanna have a space to share with you all the things in my life
and i think blog can sharing more in details 
that's why i'm back 

Well yeah 
Mei FM 113.0 Online Now =)

There's a sharing about newly known beauty salon which is
"Soul Balance Beauty & Wellness" Queensbay Outlet 
Thanks for inviting me to represent BIG Cartel to attend the event and let me have a chance to experience your great services .

Door gift including Italy Vagheggi Trial pack for Eye Gel , Eye Cream, Serum and 2 Head Shoulder & Neck Massage vouchers .

Here is the pretty lady boss explaining their products to me and teach me more about skincare .
Appreciated *winks*

All the products they using is from Italy and I was surprised they carrying the skincare i'm using now which is Organicsenses (Natural Organic Beauty Product) too .

Housing therapists trained in Kuala Lumpur and Italy under the Vaghegghi brand.
Get yourself a heart melting treatment from their professional skin specialist .=)

Attached below are the EXCLUSIVE Treatment services provided by Soul Balance:

Collagen Smooth Treatment
Hydra-Moisture Source Treatment
Clear Expert Brightening Treatment
Hyaluronic Filler Treatment
Silicium Super-Lift Treatment

They do provide Premium Eye & Neck Therapy & Specific Spa Therapy as well.

Let me introduce my partner for the event -->> another BIG Cartel ambassador Christina Ho 

and wefie with lady boss Madam Lisa Lee
Nice to meet you & Hope to see you again !


Exhausted with work ? Relax yourself in Soul Balance , a place for Indulgence. Make your booking now !

For Reservation , kindly contact your nearest branch:-
Burma Road : 04 228 4678
Greenland : 04 656 0388
Queensbay : 04 646 5788

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