Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jimui's CNY

Times always ready for Jimui gathering
Having our CNY dinner at Teppanyaki Restaurant
*Lynn, Beesuan, Christine, Cassandra, Lynwei & ME*

Super LIKE my LAMEN !!
Spicy die me

Due to my cam adi out of battery
only one photo for each person

There are our Jimui Gangz's member !!!
Group photo at Straits Quay

Another night gathering at Alicia's house
Steamboat night again!!!
almost vomit !! everyday steamboat!!
but of coz different feel eat with different person!!

2 siao PO

not only camera gal for the night
of coz need get into the photo!!
hiak hiak~~

Dinner start!!!
Christine looks like Aunty ~~

Makan Makan!!
Eat Eat!!
Jiak Jiak!!

The part that never miss!!

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